When you think it’s a little cold out, consider those with no shoes.

This is what Paul McCarthy & Mateusz Guzda, Cryptocurrency Entrepreneurs & Stevey McGeown, Life Coach had running through their heads when they decided to put the power of a cryptocurrency community to work for the good of an orphanage in Belarus, one of the poorest regions of the former USSR.

McCarthy & Guzda have long supported worthy causes when the opportunity arose, normally in a modest way, and with no regard for the limelight, but when the idea was hatched with Stevey McGeown to raffle a pair of shoes at a cryptocurrency entrepreneur convention in Tokyo, Japan the pair realised that the opportunity to raise funds and do good for the orphanage was too important to refuse.

As the conference came to a close, Paul challenged the Dascoin entrepreneurs in attendance to put their money where mouth was by bidding for a pair of brown leather shoes, worth on the open market maybe 30 or 40 euros, (given that they were used). With some tactful auctioneering from McCarthy the shoes soon reached 5,000 USD.


And in a bid to further boost funds to help support the trip to Belarus, it was agreed with McCarthy & Guzda that the same shoes would be auctioned again at the next big Dascoin Conference. This time raising 13,000 USD.

As we all know the most important part of any charity drive is what happens next, and so stay tuned, as we share the story.