An Introduction to Dascoin & Netleaders

Today I would like to show you a presentation of something I believe is very special. There’s a big movement taking place in the world today. And that movement is Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology.



Technology has transformed our world. Google has changed information. Facebook has changed friendships. Apple has changed communication. Technology is changing money. We’re moving from physical to digital. Evolution is taking place.

Worldwide debt is at an all-time high. Credit extension throughout the world has been severely abused. This industry in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology is going to make such a difference across the planet like nothing has ever done before.

Supporters of Cryptocurrencies

We all know this gentleman here, Richard Branson, and his friend Bill Gates. Richard Branson is the founder of Virgin, worth over $4 billion. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, worth over $80 billion. Here’s what they had to say. Richard Branson said “the use of blockchain could create a real economic revolution.” Bill Gates said “in the future financial transactions will be digital, universal and almost free.”

Innovation Wins

So, what will be the next move? Some of the world’s most innovative businesses are focused on bringing new digital currency to the market. Yahoo gave way to Google, Myspace gave way to Facebook. So innovation’s always taking place and we gotta move in that direction.



Who Are Netleaders?

Let me present you NetLeaders. We believe we have the solution. Look at all the people on that board. They’re the visionaries driving NetLeaders forward. We have John Pretto, we have Terry O’Hearn, Michael Mathias, and George Sarcevich. We have Lim Soon Hock. Lim Soon Hock was involved in Compaq in the late 90s. He brought it from a $10 million company to a $1 billion company. Blair Baker, co-founder of the largest trade and exchange in the world. Pavel Bains, one of the leading blockchain and technology companies in the world. He’s a huge expert in the field. KC, one of the most sought after trainers in education in Asia. We have Tho. Tho is one of the executives on ExxonMobil, one of the biggest gas importers in the world. The gentleman called Brian Semkiw. His company’s Carta Worldwide.



So, look at the real people behind our company. Why do you think they’re all getting involved with Dascoin? Because they believe we can be the first Cryptocurrency in the world to go mainstream.


When we launched DasPay anywhere in the world where Apple Pay is accepted DasPay will be accepted. Why? Cause we launched with the same technology. This is really what separates us from every other Cryptocurrency out there. We’re building a full ecosystem around our coin.

Carta Worldwide, or the mobile technology behind Apple Pay, we with Dascoin have exclusive rights with Capital One wallet. In order words they can only work with us in the Cryptocurrency arena. What does that mean for you? It means that when we launch our product, which is going to be called DasPay, we’ll be accepted in over 60 million places around the world that accept Visa and MasterCard. That means it will make us the most accepted Cryptocurrency in the world. And if you’re involved in the first Cryptocurrency in the world to go mainstream I don’t have to tell you the rewards. This is a lot more than a coin. This is about creating a legacy.

What’s next for Dascoin? I’ve already given you some background, but what’s next? In the third quarter, which is this year, we have the launch of the internal exchange. We also have the launch of our WebWallet Master cards where you get to go to an ATM machine and exchange it for currency.


The last quarter of this year, which is the fourth quarter, we’re gonna launch our first Smart Contract. What’s a Smart Contract? Basically, anything you can do in a solicitors office, you can now write on blockchain technology. Iterium do Smart Contracts, and they’re now at $200. That’s just one of our products.

In the first quarter of next year we’re go launching an External Exchange. We’ll launch a public exchange. The second quarter of 2018 we’ll launching DasPay. And that will make use the most accepted Cryptocurrency in the world. So, it’s very, very exciting times.


Cryptocurrency Pioneers

The people who got involved in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency at the start are the pioneers. But it’s only just beginning. The Cryptocurrency market is only emerging. So we have a chance to be the early adopters. I say to people getting involved in Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is like getting involved in the property market 50 years ago. Getting involved at the very, very start.

And that’s why I see this industry so exciting. And I believe this is the start of an amazing journey. And I believe that we’re just beginning. So anybody who took the time to come on this recording today please get back to the person who has sent you to this website. I wish everybody whatever you do in your life all the success. Thank you so much and have a lovely day. Take care.