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For me, it’s all about 4 key components, in everything that I do –

  1. Building Relationships,
  2. Creating Teams
  3. Chasing down and achieving the desired result, and
  4. Giving Back.

Transcription – Paul McCarthy Bio Website Interview

This weekend was a huge milestone for my life and for many lives out there in the DasCoin community. We started this journey over 19 months ago. We had to have a lot of faith in Michael Mathias, Terry and the team. They gave us their vision. We have to trust and we have to believe. This weekend, to launch in the public exchanges was absolutely amazing for us. This is huge for the future of the company because the next step, we launch DasPay and with DasPay we will be the most accepted cryptocurrency in the world. In my opinion, that will make us the first cryptocurrency in the world to go mainstream.

What does that mean for me? What does that mean for everybody in the community? It means so much. Why do I say that? Because to be involved in the first cryptocurrency in the world to go mainstream, you’re creating a legacy. It’s not just about money. It’s a legacy. If you had the opportunity to be involved in Facebook when it started, to be involved in Google when it started, would you take the opportunity? I believe with DasCoin that’s what’s going to happen with us.

In every company and every business, there’s risk and reward. When I got involved in cryptocurrency four years, when Bitcoin was $500, it was the same. But I saw the technology, I saw the trend, and now when Bitcoin is $9,000, I believe DasCoin will be the first cryptocurrency in the world to go mainstream. So, in my opinion, the reward outweighs the risk.

Motivating An Entrepreneur – Paul McCarthy

What inspired me the most would come from my childhood, would come from my father and mother. They have played the biggest impact in my life to date. This weekend I have all of my family with me. My father and mother travel with me a lot because when we were young, we hadn’t got much but my dad used to work night and day for us and so did my mother. So they inspired me when I was young. You know you don’t have to have much to be happy because we came from a very happy home but they worked so hard to make money. So my dream when I was always young was when I would grow up, I would be able to leave them retire, give them financial independence, and by me getting to this level of where I am now I was able to fulfill that role.

The person who inspired me the most is a man called Steven McGeown. He’s from Ireland where I live and he’s absolutely amazing. I came in contact with Steve McGeown about eight years ago. Steve McGeown is a motivator. He’s a personal developer but basically, he’s a good person and I connected with Steve McGeown straightaway. Stephen took me on a journey over the last eight years, I mean absolutely amazing. It’s been not a straightforward journey. It’s been ups and downs. I had some unbelievable challenges in my life. He’s been there not just as a business mentor, as a personal mentor, he’s become my friend. He’s like a brother to me. He basically brought me on a journey in the past few years and he taught me a lot about myself. He showed me ways. He showed me tips. This man is so extraordinary.

A few years ago, he never ever ran a marathon ever in his life. A good friend of his came to him and they wanted to do something for charity, for a good cause and he set and trained for a few months. In Ireland, it was a big thing. He did 100 marathons in 100 days. A year later he wanted to go the next step and what he did, he did 60 ultra-marathons in 60 days. Has never ever been done before. He did that to show willpower, show motivation, but most of all he did it for charity. He raised so much money and gave so much back. He’s after inspiring loads of other people to follow his footsteps. That’s the type of person that inspires me. To me, I say he’s one of the main people that I’ve met outside my family that made the biggest impact on my life.

Building A Legacy

Financial freedom for me is more than just money. For me, everything is about happiness. For me, money is just one part. For me to be truly happy and to be truly free in life and to have huge abundance, is a few different factors. Number one, my family, which is the most important part, my kids, my wife, my mom and dad, our relationships. You know? For me, that has to be the key. Then you go out from that. By doing what I do I’m able to earn some money. To provide for my kids and my family means everything to me.

Dascoin & Netleaders

The best advice I can give to any people, whether they’re NetLeaders or any friends that I have out there is, “Always be themselves.” If they join NetLeaders and, if they get to a level of success in NetLeaders, which I’m sure they will, they should always remain with their feet on the ground and do something good in life. You know? I always look back on my life, I always look and do an inventory. If my day comes to pass, I’ll always want to make sure that I left a mark on this life. I always wanted to make sure I do something good for others because the best thing I can do for myself is when I think about other people because there’s no point in being in this successful and in my journey and keep it all to myself. So my thing is about helping others, making a difference in this life. So my advice to anybody, if they make success in life, they should always give back.

Trust for me is everything because if I give somebody my word, I have to honour that word. When I deal with people, I only will work with people I can trust. So if I’m dealing with somebody, I don’t trust them, I would rather not do business with them because for me integrity and honesty is everything.

Working with Mateuzs Guzda

My relationship with Mateuzs is amazing. I first met Mateuzs in 2012 when we were working online together and it was two of our first big breaks. He got a big break in Poland. I got a big break in Ireland and this company brought us together. Straightaway we clicked. As time passed on, I stopped working online. I had some challenges myself personally and I took a different route in a different business venture. Mateuzs contacted me and we stayed in contact what he was doing, and about four years ago he rang me. I was going through a very difficult time in my life. Financially I lost everything. He said to me, “You should look at something called Bitcoin.”

I said, “Mateuzs, I said, “It’s not for me.” But Mateuzs wouldn’t let up. He asked me, he goes, “Please, Paul,” and he said, “You should look at this.” I said, “Mateuzs, I haven’t got the finances to get involved with them, the online business now.” Mathias personally gave me 11,000 euros, something I would never forget, and encouraged me to get back involved in the industry. He stayed with me. For about one year he trained me on Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, on everything. Then we got involved and became business partners. Our relationship for the past few years has been amazing. He’s been a huge impact on my business life and not just that now you know. I’m the godfather of his child. I’ve been in his family home. He’s been in my family home. We go on holidays together. We’ve built a big huge community of over one million people in the past few years on the internet.

These people trust us, so we have a huge responsibility to that. Our main thing, we say it to our people is, “Be yourself.” Me and Mateuzs are not perfect. We have different personalities, but together, when we came together as business partners, our friendship is unbelievable. I always tell people the best advice I can give anybody is to educate themselves as much as possible on the product and always be themselves, always be humble, always be honest, and stay grounded.


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