Huge Thank You From Belarus

Paul McCarthy & Friends Thank Everyone Who Contributed to Project Belarus

When we last caught up with Paul, he told us about his big three charitable projects for the year, those being –

  1. Bikes for Madagascar,
  2. A School in Africa,
  3. Returning to support the Belarus orphanages just after Christmas.

And true to his word Paul, his wife Jackie and the whole Team have delivered in spades.

If you’re one of the special people who contributed to support this extremely worthy endeavour, and even more so if you were one of the hardworking individuals who took some time out out of your life to help someone else have a better day, a better week, or maybe even a better year, then you can be very proud indeed.

As the video above clearly shows the journey delivers in so many ways, not least so for the orphans of Belarus who must have an increased sense of self-worth as a planeload of Irish people have decided that they are important and valuable enough for them to spend their time, effort and money on.

As we dig deeper on the details of the trip, further stories, images and videos will be shared here over the coming weeks.. so stay tuned!!