Corona Virus Lockdown Guide

Tips For Surviving Covid-19 Lockdown In Ireland

We are all faced with a brand new reality due to the devastating spread of the Coronavirus. While lockdown measures are there to protect us, it doesn’t make it any easier to stay at home and abide by the new regulations. Some tips from Paul McCarthy for surviving the lockdown include:

1. Stop Waiting

Stop waiting for everything to return to “normal”. Things are never going to go entirely back to the way they were before this outbreak. Even when lockdown is finally lifted, it is unlikely that daily routines will simply resume where they left off a few months back. Accept that this is the new “normal” and live in the present making the best of the situation that you can.

2. Earn An Income

Perhaps the biggest impact that lockdown is having is on the ability to earn a living. Starting a home industry is a good way to earn a little extra income and stave off the boredom. Making face masks or hand sanitizer is a good way to boost your income and are in high demand at the moment. Alternatively, research some ways that you can make money online. These business options are ideal for the short-term of lockdown and to boost an income over the long-term.

3. Get Into A Routine

Human beings fear change and find security in routine. Creating a new routine is a great way to keep yourself occupied as well as provide the mind with a sense of safety and security. Set an alarm to get up in the morning, shower, get dressed, eat regular meals (curb the snacking) and have a plan for the day ahead. This is especially important for those singles out there who are spending lockdown all alone.

4. Tackle A DIY Project

There simply could not be a better time to tackle those DIY projects that you have been promising to get around to and have never had the time. Now that you have nothing but time on your hands, get the necessary materials and tackle one project at a time. Keeping busy is the way to stay sane.

5. Think Before You Speak

Spending extended periods of time in the same space as others is inevitably going to put strain on relationships and result in arguments. A good way to prevent this is not to air your views and opinions and rather keep them to yourself. This is especially important if you, or the people enduring lockdown with you, are irritable and argumentative. Take time to calm down by doing some breathing exercises or meditation. A time-out is always a good idea when an argument ensues.

6. Stop Watching the News

When the outbreak started, you may have found yourself glued to the telly watching every news report and update even though most of the information was simply repeated over and over again. Stop watching the news for updates and rather set aside an hour a day to get the updates about the Coronavirus, lockdown as well as other news. Social media and other channels of communication will let you know if anything urgent has happened that requires your immediate attention.

7. Stay In Contact

We are all lucky enough to live in a digital world where staying in contact with friends and family is possible. Take advantage of social media, Skype and even Zoom International to stay in touch and nurture those relationships so that they are still intact after lockdown. Reach out to friends and family who you have been meaning to get hold of for a while and even take the time to make some new friends.

Stay safe and keep your chin up. Surviving lockdown is not so difficult when you keep busy.