Because One Good Pledge Deserves Another..

We’re delighted to share that another fantastic project has come to fruition, and the new playground sponsored by Paul & Jackie, AKA Paddy & Patch is being used, providing fun and looking good as the images below demonstrate.

But that’s where the story begins and not where it ends because when Paul shared how great the playground looks on his social media and just how much good that a well designed and attractive play space can do for an area, (especially one that is economically and socially deprived), someone else stepped up to the plate and pledged a fantastic 5,000 euro playground donation.

So if you’ve ever been unsure of whether or not to share some of the good that you do, well the message from Paul is don’t be afraid of sharing, because the little things that you do can inspire someone else to get involved and contribute, and the more people and energy involved in a project the more good that will be done as a group.

Ultimately benefitting those a little less fortunate than ourselves.

When people realise that someone else cares, and they get that spark of realisation that they matter, not only will it make their day, but it will make your day too!

So never be afraid of stepping up, its very rare that you good intentions will not be met with open arms and a spirit of gratitude.

To find out more about IODP and the fantastic works being done in Belarus and other deprived areas of the world, stay tuned to the Paul McCarthy Blog.