Bitcoin Origins

Bitcoin was the start. Bitcoin is just the tip of the iceberg. If you had $1 worth of Bitcoin in 2010, if you just purchased $1, by June 2017 that $1 would’ve been worth $40,000. That’s fact. It took from 2009 up to April 2017 for the market capitalization of Cryptocurrency to go to $25 billion. One month later $37 billion. One month later $112 billion. It’s called the snowball effect. Now everybody wants to get involved in the industry. And I tell people every day it’s just beginning. I travel the world educating people on this industry.

Bitcoin has limitations. I don’t mean this in a negative way because I’m very positive towards Bitcoin. I love Bitcoin. It got me involved in this beautiful industry. But it has slow transaction confirmation, this is a fact. Accepted by few merchants, only 500,000 in the world. Anonymity means it’s often used on the dark web. Most governments don’t accept it. Inability to comply with emerging regulations. That’s a very important word to understand, regulation. It’s lack of governed effectiveness.