Coming Soon – Paddy & Patch’s Playground

Welcome to Paddy & Patch’s Playground, Saltinafka

*The playground shown above is not the actual park in question, and is representative of what it could look like, as development is in progress.

Paul & Jackie McCarthy have been involved in supporting the good people of Belarus for some time, working with and helping to fund the orphanages, assisting with the development of the agriculture program that is reaping fantastic rewards, and generally being there for the community.

And it is noted, so when Paul and Jackie were notified that it had been decided that the new playground would be named in their honour, they were over the moon, and after some consideration decided to name it – “Paddy & Patch’s Playground.”

We have admit the name has quite a ring to it, and as Paul explained these are nicknames that Paul and Jackie have for each other, so this project and honour will have extra special significance for them.

We will be updating the website soon, with updates on development and a scheduled opening date.