Foenana Inauguration Report


Foenana Inauguration Report

Adsum Foundation are pleased to share a report on the inauguration of the three-classroom primary school building at Fonenana, funded by the Mc Carthy family and Adsum Foundation which took place on 23rd March.

The event began in the usual way with the raising of the Malagasy flag, singing the National Anthem, and a series of speeches, most of which included expressions of thanks and appreciation for the Mc Carthy family and Adsum Foundation’s generous support.

This was a particularly well attended and lively event, mainly thanks to the presence of the Director of Mass Education and Civism, representing the Minister of Education.

Also present were the Secretary General of the Governor of Itasy and the Regional Director of Education in Itasy; The Mayor of Imerintsiatosika and Mayors and Village Heads from other, nearby communities and regional officials, including the head of the Gendarmerie.

… After the Mayor’s speech it was for the children show their joy and participate in the ceremony by dancing.

Let the Party BEGIN!