NEW Fonemana School Approaches Completion

Community Pitch In to Help Complete New School at Fonemana

One of the most important things that a local community project needs is support within that community, so when you see grown men and women lifting a spade or a hoe to help things move along its a really good sign.

Community Support

Good things don’t always just happen by themselves, but when there is a force for good, and for positive change, oftentimes people will welcome that change and get stuck in.

As you can tell from the images that we are sharing, purely from the number of people present it is clear that they are excited and engaged by what is going on, and the new school that their children will be enjoying and benefitting from soon.

Supporting the Local Economy

Another key thing going for the project is that as well as local manpower, they are also sourcing and using local materials, and so the local economy will derive benefit from the school redevelopment budget being invested in the area. Helping to sustain employment and support local businesses.

And slowly but surely, with a lot of hard work and determination, a beautiful new school nears completion at Fomemana.

Open by Easter with a fair wind…

All that remains is to add windows and doors and then to kit it out in preparation for serving the children of Fonemana, and as the project leader Gavin has shared, with a fair wind it will be ready to open by Easter or shortly after Easter.

These are exciting times and we look forward to sharing more news soon.