Glen McCarthy to Run 26 on the 26th Sept.

We’re pleased to share that Paul’s brother Glen is picking up the baton, and deciding to go the distance for Project Belarus by running his own marathon, fittingly on the 26th September, as Glen explains below.

“when the world gives you lemons make lemonade”


Glen has set a target to raise 10,000 euro, and the campaign is well on its way.

In Glen’s own words:

“I was supposed to run the Cork City Marathon for The Orphaned Kids of Belarus. Because the marathon was cancelled, and I am now running my own marathon on the 26th of September to Raise funds for the Orphaned kids of Belarus. Your help and Kind Generosity will go along way.

All money raised will go to providing Santa to disabled orphans, young adults with mental disabilities and child prisoners in institutions across Belarus.

All funds will be transferred to International Orphanage Development Programme, an Irish-registered charity with audited accounts that has worked for the past 20 years to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged children in institutions in Belarus.

Monies raised will fund Santa for these children. It may also be used to improve their living conditions with the purchase of such items as beds, clothing, kitchen equipment, craft room equipment, beds, medical equipment and medicines.


We are a no-cost charity. Aside from some minor expenses, such as the hire of interpreters all monies go to support the children we help. Volunteers pay their own flights accommodation and food expenses either directly or by making personal or corporate donations through the charity for this purpose.

To find out more about the run and to support Glen, visit:

Glen McCarthy Run for the Orphaned Kids of Belarus