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We’re pleased to announce the Hello My Friend program from Paul McCarthy designed to share messages of hope, inspiration and learning from the world’s foremost authorities on personal development.

@hellomyfriendpmc Hello My Friend! What is the mathematical formula for the law of attraction? 👉 Eliminate Time and believe your goal to be true right now! Have a great day my friend. 🙏 ~ Paul #hellomyfriendpmc #powerofnow ♬ original sound – Paul Mc Carthy


As Paul, a long-time participant in Alcoholics Anonymous explains reading Eckhardt Tolle, and The Power of Now didn’t just change his life, it saved it. And so, somewhere deep down Paul knew that it would also save others.

What Is Hello My Friend?

Hello My Friend is a voice of compassion and positivity in a world where that is sorely needed.

The seed of the Hello My Friend program started some time ago when Paul began sharing positive messages and quotes in a family group. But really this started to open up when a friend of Paul needed some positive reinforcement and asked Paul to start breaking down some of the messages that he was sharing.

Breaking them down so that they became easier to understand and therefore absorb. And the results have been incredible.

Paul began starting his voice recordings with “Hello my friend, hope you’re keeping well..” and after discussing the message would end with “Have a great day my friend.”

And within a very short space of time, the recorded voice messages became known as “Hello My Friend” delivered by the Voice and were being shared thousands of times.

Hello My Friend Is Designed to

  1. quieten the voice in your head, to allow peace and relaxation to come in,
  2. provides real-life usable skills and training for relaxing your mind and body,
  3. delivers guided meditation, and
  4. breaks down goal setting so that you start moving towards positive results.

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Hello My Friend with Paul McCarthy – FAQ Section

Can you share any actual feedback, what are people saying about Hello My Friend?

“Charlie thanks so much for tonights seminar……I loooooooooved it❤️”

“Charlie thank you so much for an amazing evening. The seminar was one of the best ever, for me.

“When you said suppressed, suppressed, suppressed, I thought I was going to jump out of me seat💪🏻💪🏻 Outstanding!!”

“Looooooooooved todays voicemail!❤️❤️❤️❤️ Felt a burst of appreciation for having this awareness now! Thank you xx”

“Paul thank you so so much for the meditation. Just did it. It was brilliant. I loooooved the last few mins again….so so special! 💫 Thank you🙏🏻”

Which countries has Hello My Friend spread to?

‘Hello My Friend’ has spread across Ireland, the UK, USA, Spain, Cyprus, Morocco, France and many other countries.

Why did you choose to spread the message on social media?

The reason I chose social media to spread the message was to reach and help as many people as I could.

I debated for a few years whether or not to go back on social media.

However, it happened organically, and it felt like it was the right time. It has been a great success so far.

How are you finding social media as tool for Hello My Friend?

Social Media is an incredible tool to help others find peace and contentment.

There are no geographical or time zone boundaries.

I can share many different forms of content to get my message out there and build a community of people from around the world.

It also allows me to be very engaged and connect with people through messaging, comments and live Q&As.

What is better physical meetings or online meetings – for you, for attendees?

It is always better to come to the seminars in person as you can feel the high frequency and positive energy in the room.

Posting the ‘Hello My Friend’ message online can still help people and allows audiences not geographically located in Cork to learn about some very important life tools.

How do I go to a physical meeting?

We post on our social media pages when each seminar occurs, and you text the number provided to reserve a place.

How do I go to an online meeting?

We live-stream each seminar via TikTok and Instagram, so you just need to be following our social media channels on those platforms to view.

How many times do I need to go?

There is no number of times you NEED to go. It depends on how often you get value from them.

The majority of people show up to every single seminar and wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Why did you decide to make Hello My Friend a free service?

The only agenda for ‘Hello My Friend’ is to help people. There is no monetary gain, and there never will be.

It’s all about giving back and sharing what I have learned from my experiences and education on this topic.

What usually happens after you share a voice recording – do you get lots of messages?

I always get so many messages from people saying how they benefited from the message, related to it or asking for further information on particular topics.