Is Giving Sustainable?

The Future for the Orphanages of Belarus is All About Sustainability

As Paul recently explained to us, the goal for the places that he visits like Belarus is all about sustainability. In terms of the support that Paul and the team bring, all that it really does is to level the playing field a little, and as Paul has said before it can be hard to grasp that those they help really have nothing.

When we talk about levelling the playing field, we’re not really talking about physical things but more about some human support and encouragement.

In Ireland, like much of the western world, we have advanced social welfare and healthcare systems, and although they can have their shortcomings, these are so much better than the options available in places like Belarus.


In seeking to help communities like the Belarus orphanages develop sustainability, some of the initiatives that the team helped to fund include greenhouse and farming programs. Buying farming machinery and equipment in order to help people learn to fish, instead of standing with your hand out waiting for the fish.

There is pride and dignity in seeking to raise your living standards, even with the help and support of others as you are taking an active role in your own rescue, and that is where the magic lies, in that just like giving, producing can be an addictive emotion.