Jackie McCarthy & Friends Go Christmas Shopping

Wishing You A Happy Christmas to All At Edel House & The Simon Community Cork

At this time of year, people love to know that someone cares. Especially if things have been tough over the last few months, or the last few years.

And this year Jackie Mc Carthy and her friends and family decided to do something about it by going shopping, and the list started with 300 sleeping bags..

You see this year, Jackie and co. were going shopping for the good residents of Edel House and the Simon Community in Cork, who do a fantastic job of supporting the homeless, and people getting out of abusive relationships.

And with a little experience in this area, they started by asking Edel House and the Simon Community what they needed, so that the funds raised were put to the best effect, and would have the greatest benefit and real-time impact for the residents of Edel House and the homeless people of Cork.

And just like the A-Team, their plan worked to perfection and the final sleeping bags have been delivered!