Paul McCarthy Explains Why He Cares About Belarus

Hey Paul – Why Belarus?

For many of us, we will only ever truly appreciate what we have when we no longer have it, whether that is a loved one, a friend, a warm home, or some peace of mind. So often, we don’t go very far outside the world we know, and therefore we’re only ever getting a very limited understanding of just how good our lives are in the western world. And with that limited understanding, comes a limited appreciation.

You know, what if your friend/ partner/ loved one told you that next Christmas that she would buy you an iron, and that if everything went well that the following Christmas, she would buy you an ironing board. Most of us would laugh.

In Belarus, at the orphanages that Paul and the team visited, this really happened. And besides that, the person who received the ironing board the second year was so overjoyed that you could have been mistaken in thinking that he had won the lottery.

So different are their expectations from this life.

This is a story that Paul told us when we asked why he continued to return to Belarus. We know that Paul is very philanthropic and that he does his best as much as he can, but why Belarus? And now we know.

Paul explained that the people over there in the orphanages all too frequently have nothing and no one and that it can be very difficult for us to really comprehend this. He explained that many have been virtually abandoned by their families, sometimes because of missing limbs or disabilities and all too often due to addictions.

just sharing some love..

But really Paul is just sharing some love, that will go a long way in a place like Belarus. Whether that is a hug, some gifts or supporting the efforts of the Belarus orphanages to become more self-sustaining by investing in farm machinery.

So why do Paul and the team return to places like Belarus?

Because it matters more than most of us will ever know!