So, What Did You Do During Lockdown?

One a recent catch up with Paul, we enquired how things were going through lockdown and what he got up to and he explained –

“I put a 100 acre farm into a centre for adults with special needs.”

As Tony Robbins explains, its never what happens to you that defines who you are in this Life, but more about how you respond to what happens to you, because good and bad things happen to all of us.

When Paul and the guys visited the orphanages of Belarus earlier this year, there was a tremendous amount of excitement about the new initiative to begin supporting farming in the region, as by assisting the good people of Belarus to become more self-sustaining, and improving the yield from their agriculture they become so much stronger as individuals and as a community, and less vulnerable.

IODP Supporting Sustainable Farming in Saltinafka

And now a short six months later the yield from the initiative is clear to be seen, as the picture below of the first potatoes from Saltinafka shows. Expectations on the new seed will improve the yields from potato seeds from 2X to 10X.

In business, we’re always if not chasing, we’re certainly paying attention to ROI or yield, and when you can turn a 2X yield into a 10X yield well then that’s pretty epic.

Additionally our video shows early potatoes being planted at the new tillage farm in Saltinafka using the new tractor, new potato planter and top of the line seeds, all provided by the IODP.

Other successful initiatives include planting over 100 fruit trees at the new orchard to support the same institution.