Super You Club – Making A Difference

Paul McCarthy Comes Onboard with Super You Club

The guys at Super You Club believe that they can make a difference, and that is where all good work starts. Without guys like Stevey McGeown, Kevin Young, James McGrath, Conor Lavery, Paul O’Quigley, Vinty Firth, Declan Loy & Paul McCarthy that work is just so much harder.


The Super You Club Welcome Paul McCarthy As A Key Sponsor

Energy and ideas are contagious and when you buzz with excitement and anticipation the task of winning over hearts and minds is so much more doable. The objective behind the Super You Club is to connect with young people who are at a key stage in their lives and to inspire them to reach for the sky. Interaction with the young people happens by way of inspirational talks, conferences and workshops.



The Super You Club is a not for profit organisation whose purpose is to work with young people in schools, with the permission and guidance of the school leaders. As a not for profit organisation, the Super You Club is reliant on the goodwill and donations of key sponsors like Paul McCarthy.


With a heavy program of works for the remainder of 2018, there is a lot of good work still to be done.