The Big One

Some of us dream of buying a boat or a fast car, but for others, it goes a lot deeper. In a recent interview, we asked Paul about what was on the agenda for 2020, and whether or not he had anything special planned, as usual we were blown away.

“We’re building a school, and I’m over the moon.”

As Paul explained: “I’ve always had a dream of building a school in Africa since I was a kid. I don’t know if it was something that I saw on TV, or what it was, but this idea has always been with me, and just recently I’ve been able to start joining up the dots.

Following a chat with my good friend and business mentor, Stevey McGeown I got in touch with the people at Adsum Foundation, who carry out tremendous works with disadvantaged communities, and I’m proud to announce that we’re building a school and I’m over the moon.”

Now, we should say that this is really just a sneak peek at what’s going on as Paul has shared that he plans to build one school a year, in collaboration with the Adsum Foundation Team, and that key for him is to involve his kids and the kids of his friends and family in this extraordinary project.

More information will follow soon in relation to location, and progress but we wanted to get this out there as really there is no point in sitting on tremendous good news like this that can inspire and motivate others to get involved.